We use screens almost continuously at work and at home. We also spend a lot of time looking down at phones or tablets. This means we also hold static, tense and awkward postures for long periods. It’s not surprising we get headaches using computers, especially tension headaches.

So it’s time to take some action!

This short post outlines common causes of headaches and the easy changes that will make a big difference. Take action to help prevent those dull aches that reduce focus and affect your mood, too those painful migraines that prevent you from working.

Common Causes

Hold awkward postures because

  • Our desktop screen may be set too high
  • Or we constantly look down at our phones
  • Or we lean on our elbow and hold our chin in our hand
  • Or simply stay in one position for too long

Maybe it’s the screen

  • Screens are often too bright
  • Or we have them too close
  • Or have the font too small
  • Or just spend to much time looking at them

Maybe it is our general lack of movement

  • As we work with screens, especially if holding an awkward posture, tension builds up in our neck and shoulders leading to muscle fatigue. Slowly that fatigue builds into discomfort, then pain and if we still don’t take action, an injury. It’s not surprising we get headaches using computers.

Quick Fixes

Set your screen height

  • The centre of your screen should be about 17.5° below eye height. This is about shoulder height. Simply point to your screen with an arm parallel to the desk. Your fingers are now about 17.5° below eye level!
    • EASY!
  • Try reducing the brightness of your screens to 50%.
    • EASY!
  • Stretches and look into the distance regularly
    • EASY!
  • ALWAYS check your work posture. Regularly releasing upper body tightness and moving back into a relaxed neutral This is a vital modern self-care skill. As we work, we build up tension in our neck and shoulders, leading to neck pain, tension headaches and upper back pain.

This is one simple thing you can do right now…To help avoid headaches


 To download the Roll Reset Relax poster and notes click here


  • Sit back
  • Roll your shoulders
  • Rest your arms
  • Feet flat
  • Take a deep breath, &
  • Consciously relax

Simply by doing this one simple action regularly, you can significantly reduce headaches and upper body discomfortEASY!

  • Do this anytime you start a headache using computers or find yourself leaning forward, to one side, working with tense shoulders or any time you feel tension or pain in your upper body.


Take care of yourself

Try these simple adjustments and behaviours to gain relief. There is a range of new health and wellness self-care skills needed for our modern screen-based work environment. Look out for our free tip sheets covering easy no-cost changes. Changes that will help you and your team build skills that go beyond ergonomics to reduce pain and the chance of injury in our unique 21st Century work environments. To download the Roll Reset Relax poster and notes click here