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Going Beyond the Ergonomics to Build Self-Care Competencies


WHAT WE DO | We help businesses improve productivity and labour costs by decreasing work-related pain and risk of injury claims.  We do this by training the Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs). These are the new Ergo and Self-Care Competencies needed by today’s mobile, screen-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce.

ESSENTIAL FOR WFH STAFF | When people moved home to work during the COVID-19 lockdown, there was a significant increase in the reports of  Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, and Headaches.

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THE PROBLEM | Our Twenty-First -Century agile, hot-desking, sit-stand, remote (WFH), computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workplace has created a level of health and wellbeing complexity that current office ergonomics training was not designed to manage.
A BUSINESS SOLUTION | We help businesses, especially contact centres, reduce absenteeism, stress and attrition by training simple changes in ergonomic adjustments, work behaviours and physical conditioning that decrease work-related pain, increase comfort and productivity, and improve labour cost efficiency.
We do this as an outsourced health, wellbeing and productivity training service, building the new Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) knowledge workers need to stay fit and productive for computer-intensive work.
A PERSONAL APPROACH | Beyond Ergo – Ergo & Self-Care Implementation Workshops provide a new tier of training specifically designed to provide individuals with a new range of awareness, knowledge, work skills and behaviours, and physical conditioning exercises needed to eliminate or at least manage the multidisciplinary range of issues and risks needed to take greater personal control over health, wellbeing and productivity during screen-intensive work (and leisure).
THE NEED for this unique multidisciplinary content and training structure was identified through the experience of personal injury, created through PhD research and continues to be informed by industry needs.
WE CAN HELP | In the past, we have worked with contact centre consultants, small business administration staff, university professors, freelance journalists and writers.


We improve productivity and reduce work injury claims by going Beyond the Ergonomics to build the new Self-Care Competencies staff need for Computer-Intensive Work (& Play). Read More

About Us

Based on PhD research and informed by industry, these unique programs focus on the transfer of recommendations into actionable work skills. Read more


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Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD)

The Ergo and Self-Care Competencies for today’s mobile, screen-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce!

Beyond Ergo is an injury prevention training and consultancy firm, founded by Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD) in 2014.

Elizabeth is one of Australia’s leading researchers and trainers in behaviour-based office ergonomics and injury prevention training, with a special interest in call centres.

Dr Kirk’s findings revealed the need to provide more than a talk or an eTool when it comes to ergonomics. To reduce pain and increase productivity, to decrease staff costs and increase staff retention, businesses must provide new work skills that allows employees to work anywhere with any screen.

Beyond Ergo provides unique multidisciplinary programs. Our rigorous testing and trials deliver vastly superior results than anything currently available on the market.

Some of the Results from One Call Centre with 250 Staff


Reduction in neck pain


Reduction in shoulder pain


Reduction in upper back pain


Reduction in lower back pain

These results were achieved with zero additional expenditure on new furniture, lighting or equipment or wellness programs (e.g. seated massages). This was simply effective ergonomics training in practice!

Training That Delivers Results

Work-related musculoskeletal discomfort and disorders are considered the most recognised and significant negative health issues associated with the use of personal computers.

Despite decades of office ergonomics training, ergonomics furniture and workplace wellness programs, most computer-based businesses, such as call centres, still find injury rates are increasing, and costs are escalating.

Why? Because training was focused on the wrong things and delivered in the wrong way.

Beyond Ergo is proudly associated with the following peak industry bodies and associations

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