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Overnight almost the entire workforce is working from home and who knows for how long.

To avoid a spike in injury claims, employees must learn to implement & refine ergo recommendations and build the NO-COST healthy work strategies that will increase comfort and productivity, decrease pain and chance of injury while working from home.

Specifically designed for working on Laptops in any environment, this unique workshop demonstrates how to refine and apply ergonomic recommendations to match participants stature and introduces self-care competencies, including postural mindfulness.

  • Bonus #1: 30 days unlimited access to all workshop modules. Modules are broken into meaningful segments to ensure you can quickly review specific information. ($218 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Ask questions and seek feedback through the workshop contact form. (Priceless)
  • Bonus #3: Download 4 workshop handouts – Specifically designed by Dr Liz Kirk to support your development of these new Ergo and Self-Care Skills for screen-intensive work. ($29 Value)

4 Valued at $247, now only $47 for a short time only

What People Say…

This workshop is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, combining factual information, diagrams, exercises, videos, advice (or tips), reference links and so much more. It is a comprehensive, ‘must see’ webinar to improve the health of anyone working in front of a computer or laptop

Celine Fournier

Health Research Officer, Murdoch University

“I am an experienced content provider who spends the majority of working hours at my computer. I had a back condition and has a lot of pain there as well as in my ribcage. After implementing the Beyond Ergo recommendations, my ribcage pain has gone and my other pain has reduced dramatically.”

Helen Hawkes

Freelance Journalist & Content Marketing Writer

“I was beginning to have serious back and hip pain until I watched your workshop and implemented your advice. There were lots of things I didn’t know about like, leaning back in your chair, using a footrest and properly adjusting the laptop and desk height. I now get up and move around for a few minutes every half hour. It has been wonderful and has significantly decreased my discomfort. Can’t recommend it [the virtual workshop] highly enough, thank you so much.”

Cath Kennedy

CPA Brisbane

You’re just moments away from accessing the essential knowledge, skills, and support you need to flourish in screen-intensive work environments.

Program Includes

Content for all learning styles

A 90 min Workshop | 4 Separate Modules

  • ◊◊ Why Self-Care Training is so important
  • ◊◊ A Little Theory
  • ◊◊ Actions to Personalise Ergonomic Recommendations
  • ◊◊ Practical Strategies for Working from Home

Bespoke Illustrations and Video Demonstrations


4 Instructional PDF’s

 The Beyond Ergo handouts illustrating our unique workstation set-up sequence, behaviour and stretch reminders specifically chosen to release tension and reduce discomfort caused by long hours of screen use.

  • ◊◊  Physical Discomfort Survey
  • ◊◊  Stretch for Relief 
  • ◊◊  Workstation Setup Action Summary
  • ◊◊  Diagnostic handout | Pain Triggers and Easy Solutions 


Learning Outcomes

See what’s next in staff training


How we translate boring ergonomics into effective personal protective behaviours (PPB’s)

  No or low-cost and high impact improvements

How this PhD developed training provides immediate comfort and wellbeing benefits

 Realise the long-term productivity gains and decreased absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition when introduced as everyday work habits


Why you are suffering

The common pain points and easy solutions in the 3 key areas

The 45-second sequence that resets any workstation to match personal stature and work tools – no matter where you work

The new PPB’s needed to protect your body from the stresses and strains of extended periods of screen-based work.

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 Download the Beyond Ergo handouts illustrating our unique workstation set-up sequence, behaviour reminder and stretches specifically chosen to release tension and reduce discomfort caused by long hours of screen use

Why purchase this online workshop

Less than 10% of people implement current ergonomic training they have attended into their day-to-day jobs. This poor implementation is not the fault of trainees. It’s the way training has been delivered.

Over 80% of office workers, contact centre consultants and the like report work-related musculoskeletal aches and pains, and over 11% suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain costs the Australian economy over $7Bn in lost productivity every year.

Our increasingly agile, hot-desking, sit-stand, telecommuting, multi-screen-using workforce has created a level of complexity current office ergonomics training was not designed to manage. While you have done all the currently available office ergonomics training with your teams, the Champ Workshop provides a new tier of training specifically designed to bridge this training gap.

Developed through PhD research, talks and workshops translate office ergonomics and wellbeing information into personal protective behaviours (PPB), the new self-care competencies making office ergonomic recommendations easy to personalise and quick to apply to any work (or leisure) situation – providing immediate benefits to your staff and increasingly reducing rates of absenteeism, stress and attrition.

About Us

Beyond Ergo Training

Dr Kirk builds practical front-line solutions to help businesses, especially contact centres, reduce high rates of absenteeism, stress and attrition by coaching team leaders and managers in making simple changes that decrease work-related pain, increasing comfort and productivity, and improving operational and labour cost efficiency.

Our feedback from the lunchbox talk was unanimously positive… BA&A would definitely recommend your talk as it was short, informative and fun. It hit the balance with info, tips and manageable next steps,… We especially appreciated the ease of setting up and follow up with your amazing communication – thanks so much!”
Pip Tyrrell

Director, Brisbane Building Approvals & Advice

“I just wanted to send you some feedback on the Beyond Ergo session I attended today.

I found this extremely interesting and have already applied some of the knowledge/techniques learnt today. I believe a full workshop on this would be extremely beneficial. As a supervisor, I could see the knowledge gained and then monitoring staff postures and console ergonomics and assisting and guiding staff could potentially minimise risk/injury.

The Supervisors encouraging, promoting and leading by example with simple things like stretching becoming common practices whilst at the console is a very realistic goal.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend”.


Frontline Leader, Qld Ambulance

Time to Level-up!

Does your office (or workforce) look the same as it did 15 years or even 10 years ago?

Then why use Office Ergonomics Training that is over a Decade Old?

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