Three Pillars of Self-Care for Computer Work

Did you know that over 86% of people involved in computer-intensive work experience aches and musculoskeletal pain?

Do you find yourself constantly managing pain issues from your computer work? Are you looking for simple, cost-effective tactics to alleviate these common aches and pains? Look no further. Our research-backed, on-demand, self-paced virtual workshop is designed to transform your approach to computer-intensive work.

What You’ll Gain When You Join This Workshop:

  • Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs): Learn new skills that will not only alleviate current discomfort but also prevent future issues.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By improving your physical well-being, you can increase your efficiency at work.
  • Reduced Costs: Extend your workplace health and safety (WHS) training to decrease work-related pain and the risk of injury claims.

Why Choose Us:

Our programs are interactive, illustrated, and easy to apply, focusing on actionable skills that you can implement immediately. Join us to discover a new way of approaching computer-intensive work that prioritizes your well-being and productivity.

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Act now to build the new Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) that go Beyond Ergonomics for Computer-Intensive Work.

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What will this workshop cover?

When you jump into the very practical Three Pillars of Self-Care on-demand workshop, we will show you ‘How To’ apply these health and safety skills, not just bombard you with information.  


Discover the unique multidisciplinary range of knowledge and enhanced self-care skills needed to avoid the common pain triggers that plague you while you work. It will:


  1. 1. Show you simple actions that personalise generic ergonomic recommendations to match your stature.
  2. 2. Introduce a broad range of positive work behaviours to immediately feel more comfortable and focused on work.
  3. 3. Demonstrate the targeted physical conditioning needed to sustain you for the surprisingly mentally and physically demanding world of computer-intensive work!
  4. 4. And it will motivate you to build these simple actions into everyday work habits because you will also feel less stressed and more productive.


Key Takeaways you won’t want to miss:

  • – 30 days of unlimited access to all workshop modules
  • – Workshop handouts, action planners and links to further reading and resources.
  • – A dedicated section on setting up laptops for remote workers.
  • – Q&A and feedback through the workshop contact form.

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90min Workshop

Bespoke Illustrations and Video Demonstrations

4 Instructional PDF Downloads

Say Goodbye to Work-Related Pain

This workshop will challenge how you think about office ergonomics training because we no longer use computers occasionally. We now use computers in every part of our lives and must manage an increasingly complex range of work choices, including working remotely, sit-stand workstations, multiple screens, and mobile devices. Add to these the health risks of increasingly sedentary work and lifestyle.

Why would a short list on how to adjust a few core pieces of equipment, based on generic recommendations that are decades old, even begin to cover the WHS and wellness training needs of our modern, mobile computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce?

Research shows that over 80% of employees in offices, contact centres and the like experience work-related aches and pain, and work-injury claims are on the rise.

Our on-demand virtual workshop, developed through PhD research, has been specifically designed to bridge this training gap by translating ergonomic and wellness recommendations into actionable self-care competencies.

Reward yourself and your staff by amplifying your workplace health, safety and wellness simply by extending training to resolving the common pain and injury issue that causes over 86% of your staff to suffer from aches, pain and potentially a career-limiting injury. 

These new multidiscipline programs go Beyond Ergonomics to build Self-Care Competencies for today’s mobile, computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce.

Eliminate Computer Work-Related Pain and Boost Productivity
with our On-Demand Virtual Workshop

What We Do

We help businesses improve productivity and labour costs by decreasing work-related pain and risk of injury claims.  We do this by training the Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) individuals need for modern computer-intensive work. 

Content includes skills to refine generic ergonomic recommendations to match stature and work tools, an extended range of positive work behaviours and targeted physical conditioning exercises that will increase comfort and productivity and decrease pain and the chance of a career-limiting injury.

These are the new multidiscipline programs that go Beyond Ergonomics to build Self-Care Competencies for today’s mobile, computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce.