Going Beyond Ergo to Build Self-Care Competencies | Program Tasters

Want a quick and practical talk to add to your suite of safety and wellness initiatives? Our Program Tasters are the perfect solution.

These stand-alone modules provide practical skills that can be immediately applied by staff to reduce pain and the chance of injury.

Each taster program is fast, solution-focused and budget friendly.

Lunch and Learn

Lunch & Learn Talks

When we talk about workplace health and safety, we rarely think of our computers and desks being the culprits of causing harm.

Safety talks for computer users rarely spring to mind for lunchbox wellness talks, but they should!

Try these fun and informative talks (that don’t need to be at lunchtime), including a unique range of skills never presented before during an office ergonomics talk. Topics include

  • Working Anywhere: This fun, interactive short talk introduces a few key work skills everyone needs to set up and work at a computer in any location.
  • Preventing Neck Pain: Neck pain is very common among computer users. Discover the four, research-backed ways to recover from or minimise the chance of neck pain.
  • Ideal Work Patterns: Discover the latest recommendations your staff should know about the work patterns that decrease discomfort and the chance of injury, both at work and after work. The session includes Professor Hedge’s 3S’s for an ideal work pattern.
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Workstation Assessments & Coaching

What makes workstation assessments effective?

Simply setting up furniture and equipment for staff does not give them the skills to repeat that setup when they hot desk, work from home, or use tools beyond a screen, mouse and keyboard.

Our workstation assessments and coaching equip staff with the ability to quickly adjust their own workspace to match their individual body size, job design and personal needs. These are repeatable skills they can apply to any workstation.

Let’s work together to refine recommendations to your needs!

In addition, we add a range of personalised recommendations designed to relieve current discomfort and reduce the chance of injury.


Does your workstation assessment include skills that can be applied at any workstation?

One-2-One Intensives

 Fine-tune Your Personal Workspace

This is a personalised session for anyone involved in computer-intensive work (or play) experiencing musculoskeletal aches and pain and regularly needs to see doctors, physios, chiropractors or masseurs even after receiving a workstation assessment and ergonomic equipment.

Intensely targeted, this session is held in your office or home office and begins with a physical discomfort survey and discussion about your job role, workflow, tools, and immediate work environment. The program is then personalised and includes the demonstration of ‘how to’ refine ergonomic recommendations to match stature and targeted strategies to fit the client’s personal needs and pain points.  Going beyond the ergonomics, this program also includes an extended range of positive work tactics and physical conditioning exercises to speed recovery and help prevent further injury.

Client Feedback 

“This talk enabled me to be more mindful of my posture and sitting habits whilst at a computer or screen. Liz presented these ideas practically, sharing examples on how to improve and look after your health. This is useful information to  take control of our computerised lives!”

Emma – State Library Qld. Business Studio 


“You know…no one has ever showed me this before and I have been working in the industry all my life”.

Freelance Workplace Health and Safety Officer

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