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Click Modules Together to Build the Course You Need

Are you looking for new safety and wellness program ideas? Looking for an office ergonomics short course, seminar or training program?  Our Ergonomics Wellness Programs are the perfect solution.

Through collaboration and needs assessments, we design the ideal short program to meet your budget and business needs from our proven blend of lunchbox talks, workplace assessments and intensive one-on-one coaching. We can also add detailed pre-training surveys and outcome reports.


These training modules are designed for small to medium businesses. Each module provides practical, effective and often unique information for all your staff.

Call Centre Training

Short courses are:

 The modern training format encourages employers to mix and match modules to meet the businesses health, safety and wellness goals, budget and staff needs.

  • A series of training modules that introduce staff to the new work skills required to decrease pain and increase productivity while working in modern, dynamic, computer-based work environments.
  • Each program module has a specific focus and provides an overview of the new skills recommended by the latest research and industry literature.
  • By clicking together modules, organisations can build a complete injury prevention program. These full programs coach staff until skills become everyday work habits and supports a culture of self-care and care for the work community.
  • The modular format allows the seamless addition of optional add-ons
    • If you require detailed reporting to ensure a solid ROI for investing in the training, add the surveys and reporting module to the lunchbox talk and workstation assessments.
    • Do you have individuals that need specialised advice but want to ensure all staff are empowered to build these new self-care skills? Why not add one-on-one intensive coaching programs for those with specific or immediate needs, while also providing a lunchbox talk as part of your wellness promotion plan?
    • Do you want to run programs independently and spread out over the year? No problem. Each module is a standalone program. Delivery sequence and timing can be planned around other work and program commitments.

We go beyond ergonomics training to provide practical solutions that are easy to apply and give immediate benefits!



Beyond Ergo Short Course Examples


Lunchbox talk + Workstation Assessment


Short course + Surveys & Reporting


Lunchbox talk + One-on-One

Client Feedback 

“I can’t believe how quickly my headache has gone”

Jenny | Suncorp

Elizabeth Kirk has developed a program that takes office ergonomics and safety to a new level by training individuals in applying skills and knowledge to their own work situation. We have used this program in our office, and it works.  This program appears to be unique in ensuring the individual worker understands how to apply techniques in safe computer and workspace through proper training and follow up.  The feedback from staff has been very positive”.

Steve Ghost | Steve Ghost and Associates

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