Combining Ergonomics & Wellness to Build New Self-Care Competencies

Office Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Programs


Research shows that less than 10% of people implement current ergonomic training they have attended into their day-to-day jobs.

Supporting staff to effectively implement ergonomics training has become an increasingly difficult task, as staff are no longer bound to work at one desk with one computer.

  • They hot desk … sometimes with iPads
  • Or work from home
  • Or sit in coffee shops using laptops

Poor implementation of ergonomics programs is not the fault of students, but the way that programs have been taught. Training should be designed to build safety behaviours, reduce costs related to incidents and injuries, raise overall safety awareness, monitor workplace conditions and develop safety leadership skills.

That’s the aim of Beyond Ergo programs. We go beyond traditional ergonomic approaches to build a unique and multidisciplinary range of work skills for computer users. We ensure every trainee can immediately put their new skills into effect and encourage the development of a safety culture through ongoing support and coaching of program champions.

Expect more from your office ergonomics training!

office ergonomic injury prevention computers
These new and unique Beyond Ergo programs are research based and informed by industry needs. Programs are rigorously tested to deliver long-term outcomes.
Programs range from fun, interactive lunchbox talks to a fully integrated injury prevention program.
We don’t labour the theory. Your staff will walk away with new insights and practical easy to apply skills designed to decrease pain and increase productivity.

“To effectively reduce injuries takes more than a one-off training moment.

We must commit to developing a safety culture supported at all levels of leadership.”

Our programs do more than deliver information

Our programs provide the new work skills needed by your team. Such skills help employees manage their immediate work environments, personalise their office ergonomics and most importantly, build and support the new personal work habits needed to reduce pain and increase productivity.

Our program,

  • Transforms the latest office ergonomics and healthy work behaviour recommendations into habitual work practices.
  • Equips staff with the ability to quickly adjust their own workspace to match their individual body size, job design and personal needs. Adjustment is done by them – not to them!
  • Ensures individuals can take responsibility for personal health, safety and comfort.
  • Reduces the need for additional expensive furniture, gadgets or external consultants.

4 Other Great Things We Do:

  1. Provide individual attention to ensure each trainee can apply the latest ergonomics and wellness recommendations in the workplace as work skills.

We don’t teach generic rules. When completing the full injury prevention program, each trainee has the ability to quickly personalise their immediate work space no matter where they work.

  1. Conduct a pre and post-training survey and participant questionnaire to refine and target the program (No cookie cutter training here!).
  2. Provide diagnostic tools and training audits to ensure long-term training application and skills development.
  3. Deliver detailed management reports post training to track changes and measure tangible outcomes. Where possible, these reports include in-house measures of absenteeism, workers compensation claims and use of medical services to determine ROI.

In other words – we deliver measurable results!

Want proven results from your Office Ergonomic and Injury Prevention Training?

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