Professor Alan Hedge at The Cornell University Ergonomics Web released a review on the possible perils of Sitting and Standing at Work

Key points include

  • Sitting for “more than 1 hour …leads to the deposit of fats in adipose tissue rather than these being metabolized by muscle”. This is true for both individuals that exercise regularly and unfit individuals.
  • Standing for extended periods can be more tiring and may lead to varicose veins.
  • “frequent microbreaks improves levels of comfort, work performance, and reduces the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.”
  • Studies found the use of sit-stand stations rapidly declines. After 1 month, the majority stay seated.
  • “Sit-stand workstations are expensive and generally cost-ineffective in addressing the issues to hand.”

The Recommendation – “The bottom line:”
“Sit to do computer work. Sit using a height-adjustable, downward titling keyboard tray for the best work posture, then every 20 minutes stand for 8 minutes AND MOVE for 2 minutes. The absolute time isn’t critical but about every 20-30 minutes take a posture break and stand and move for a couple of minutes.  Simply standing is insufficient. Movement is important to get blood circulation through the muscles.”

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