Good assessments look beyond the workstation for the causes of pain

During our one-on-one intensives, in addition to the usual range of questions, (e.g. what screens are used at home, what advice has your physio provided etc), we always ask, “When else do you find you get aches and pains?”

One of the most common responses – After Driving!

During a recent coaching session, the client had lower back pain and no other discomfort issues. This was unusual considering the hours they spend on the computer at work and home. As part of a normal assessment, we try to identify possible causes.

Again, car travel was causing back pain

Forgetting or not knowing how to adjust a car seat is surprisingly common. Luckily for this client, we could go to the car and check the seat. Poorly positioned and no lumbar support, it was easy to see why this seat was causing pain. A quick adjustment and a few additional recommendations were all it took to make a substantial difference to their driving comfort.

Getting the right training is very important

A lot of effective training and coaching is about asking the right questions.

Ask yourself – Do you get a backache after driving? If you do, it is certainly affecting your focus at work and the quality of your life.

Follow this link to a useful article. It details how to adjust your car seat for maximum comfort. Of course, if pain persists, see further advice.

Last Thought

Does your workstation assessment provider look holistically to discover the causes of pain?

If you or a member of your team are endlessly taking painkillers and going to the physio, then it’s time to look beyond the old-fashioned ergonomic checklist.

Please share this post if you know someone that is suffering from back pain. We appreciate your support.

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