The webinar you need before the R.U.Okay talk.

Mental Health and Resilience Webinar

Are your team leaders looking for a practical, proactive approach to creating a positive impact on your team’s mental health?

Discover simple, easy-to-implement techniques as a first step in your mental health toolbox before you need the more personal R.U.Okay talk. Empower team leaders to help reduce stress, initiate meaningful conversations about mental health, and foster a supportive team culture. 

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Note: This talk does not replace the advice from Mental Health First Aid Professionals.

Webinar Overview

In this empowering webinar, Dr Liz Kirk (PhD) will demonstrate how to supercharge your team meetings and revolutionise your approach to mental health in the workplace. Gain access to research-backed tips and actions that can improve retention, boost engagement, and tackle presenteeism and absenteeism.

This webinar equips Team Leaders and Managers with an understanding of ongoing mental distress and provides a range of techniques that help teams create everyday stress-relieving habits that support the mental health and wellbeing of their teams.

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Master Practical Applications

Learn targeted stretches, mindfulness exercises, and other actionable steps to reduce both mental and physical stress.

Mental Health Conversations

Gain access to resources that effortlessly initiate conversations about mental health during your team meetings.


Receive handouts and coaching sheets to build confidence in discussing stress management with your team.

Recognise Signs
of Distress

Our handout on the Symptoms of Ongoing Mental Distress will help you understand the different stages and indicators of long-term stress.

Improve Team

Encourage your team to join in on demonstrations during team meetings and experience immediate stress reduction.

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What We Do

We help businesses improve productivity and labour costs by decreasing work-related pain and risk of injury claims.  We do this by training the Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) individuals need for modern computer-intensive work. 

Content includes skills to refine generic ergonomic recommendations to match stature and work tools, an extended range of positive work behaviours and targeted physical conditioning exercises that will increase comfort and productivity and decrease pain and the chance of a career-limiting injury.

These are the new multidiscipline programs that go Beyond Ergonomics to build Self-Care Competencies for today’s mobile, computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce.