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Special Edition – Working from Home

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Office ergonomic information is readily available, yet over 80% of employees in offices, contact centres and the like report aches, pain and musculoskeletal discomfort related to their work.

With COVID-19 forcing so many employees to suddenly work from home, with less support and less ergonomic equipment, a spike in work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) and compensation claims seems inevitable,…but not for you!

By working through this virtual workshop, you start building new self-care competencies specifically designed to go beyond a set of general recommendations to show you the broad range of skills you need to flourish in screen-intensive work environments.

Filled with videos and supported by 4 downloadable PDF’s, this Special Edition practical workshop demonstrates a range of personal protective behaviours designed to increase comfort and productivity, and reduce pain and your risk of injury when working on a laptop at home.

Before you start, download this physical discomfort body map.

The Physical Discomfort Map helps identify current pain points needing immediate care and attention. We ask you to repeat this map in 3 weeks (just before your workshop accesses ends) so you can measure improvements, revisit the resources and ask any questions to help further improve your comfort.

If you have any questions, please send me a note through the communications box below.

Remember to bookmark this page for easy reference as you can revisit this workshop as many times as you need over the next month.

And…Don’t forget to download the handouts associated with this workshop.

Module 1 | Why Self-Care Training is Important | 12 min

Module 2 | A Little Theory | 12 min

Module 3 | Actions Personalizing Recommendations | 30 min

Module 4 | Working @ Home - Practical Strategies | 35 min

Links to PDF Downloads Supporting this Workshop

◊  Physical Discomfort Body Map – Link

◊  Stretch for Relief – Link

◊  Workstation Set-up Action Summary – Link

◊  Pain Triggers & Solutions | Easy Personal Checklist – Link

◊ WorkSafe Qld |  Health and safety checklist for working from home – Link

Links to Articles Mentioned in this Workshop

◊  Jean’s Story – Moving Home – Link

◊  Help Staff Reduce Mental & Physical Stress – Link

◊  4 Ways to Reduce Neck Pain – Link

◊  Treating Forearm Pain at Home – Link


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