Every office has a range of commonly used work tools that challenge even the best office ergonomic checklist.


Notebooks and the need to write and refer to notes is one such challenge.


A Problem Causing Pain


Notebooks are commonly placed to the side or behind the mouse. This causes the operator to twist, lean and often overreach repetitively, leading to neck, upper back and shoulder pain.


Repetitive movements are a significant risk in the development of pain and soft tissue injuries. The risk of injury is accentuated when also holding awkward postures.  



Three Simple Changes


Try these simple changes to the placement of notebooks to help alleviate pain and reduce the risk of injury.


  • Place landscape paper or notebooks in front of your keyboard
    • Make sure the pad is not too thick or has a binding that will create blood or nerve restricting pressure points
  • Where possible, use a short keyboard
    • To help prevent overreaching and shoulder pain, your keyboard and mouse should fit inside the width of your shoulders
  • Practice using your mouse on the left
    • We naturally lean towards the side we use the mouse. This leads to back pain and aching shoulders. Working with the mouse on the left helps you maintain a relaxed neutral work posture. Using your left hand will also reduce aches or stiffness in your right hand cased from overuse.



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Bonus Tip


If you or your team need to write down any customer details, these become auditable documents. This means notes need to be stored and destroyed safely.