Working in climate-controlled offices are certainly low-risk safety environments. However, there are a surprising number of hazards. To avoid common and preventable accidents, it is still important to talk to staff about safety.

Top tips for Australian offices and call centres

• Check the ergonomic setup of your workstation
• Check staff know how and have adjusted their equipment correctly, especially the mouse and chairs
• Ensure staff have the right mechanical aids for the job. These include document holders and footrests and possibly an alternative style of mouse.
• Check and reset your posture to ensure you work in a relaxed neutral work posture
• Keep the workplace tidy to avoid tripping hazards
• Take regular breaks, including stretches to release tension and dynamic movements to enhance circulation (e.g. ankle rotations, shoulder shrugs)
• Ensure emergency exits are clear
• Reduce work stress. Take a moment to roll your shoulders, take a deep breath and consciously relax.
• Maintain a clear line of vision to avoid collisions.
• All drink containers, including cups, should have lids to avoid scolding or damage to equipment.
• Make sure all cupboard doors and draws are closed