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by building Self-Care Competencies specific for screen-intensive Computer Work

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  • Discover no-cost strategies reduce pain and increase productivity during computer work
  • Easy video demonstrations & illustrations,
  • How To fix 3 common set-up mistakes causing you pain 
  • Tension releasing dynamic stretch to reduce neck pain and headaches
  • Download a unique illustrated computer stretch handout

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This workshop is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, combining factual information, diagrams, exercises, videos, advice (or tips), reference links and so much more. It is a comprehensive, ‘must see’ webinar to improve the health of anyone working in front of a computer or laptop

Celine Fournier

Health Research Officer, Murdoch University

I am an experienced content provider who spends the majority of working hours at my computer. I had a back condition and has a lot of pain there as well as in my ribcage. After implementing the Beyond Ergo recommendations, my ribcage pain has gone and my other pain has reduced dramatically.

Helen Hawkes

Freelance Journalist & Content Marketing Writer


I am Dr Liz Kirk (PhD), founder of Beyond Ergo

Beyond Ergo provides a new tier of training designed through PhD research and focusing on building the Ergo & Self-Care Competencies needed for Screen-Intensive Work.

I specialise in helping businesses, especially contact centres, reduce rates of absenteeism, stress and attrition by training frontline leaders to coach the simple changes in ergonomic adjustments and work behaviours that decrease work-related pain, increasing comfort and productivity, and improving labour cost efficiency.

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