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Introducing Self-Care Competency Training for Computer-Intensive Work​

Let us introduce you to this extended tier of training, building new ergo and self-care competencies that translates the ergonomic and wellbeing recommendations into personalised actionable work skills.

These are the new Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) for computer-intensive work that increase comfort and productivity, and decrease stress and the chance an expensive and career limiting injury.

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About The Program

Our increasingly agile, hot-desking, sit-stand, telecommuting, multi-screen-using workforce has created a level of complexity current office ergonomics training was not designed to manage. While you have done all the currently available office ergonomics training with your teams, this Lunch & Learn introduces a new tier of training specifically designed to bridge the health, well-being and productivity training gap.

Developed through PhD research, talks and workshops translate ergonomics and wellbeing advice into personal protective behaviours (PPBs), the new self-care competencies that make office ergonomic recommendations easy to personalise and quick to apply to any work (or leisure) situation – providing immediate benefits to your employees and increasingly reducing rates of absenteeism, stress and attrition.

Expanding employees’ Health and Wellbeing skills is essential to reduce increasing rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, stress and attrition is now essential.

Over 80% of office and call centre staff report work-related musculoskeletal aches and pains, and over 11% suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain costs the Australian economy over $7Bn in lost productivity every year.”

Less than 10% of people implement current ergonomic training they have attended into their day-to-day jobs. This poor implementation is not the fault of trainees. It’s the way training has been delivered.

Learning Outcomes


How this PhD developed training will provide immediate benefits for employees and the business and the need for self-care competencies for computer-intensive work.

The Essentials

Why your employees are suffering. The common pain points & easy solutions. The 45-second sequence that resets any workstation to match personal stature and work tools. And the new personal protective behaviours (PPBs) needed to protect your body from the stresses of extended periods of computer-intensive work.

Refined Content

Program content is refined to match the needs of your workplace and your team. No cookie-cutter programs here!

The Journey

Expand your vision of WHS & Wellness training to include new ergo and self-care competencies. Fun and interactive, this lunch and learn introduces employees to the new extended range of work skills needed for our agile, computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary world of work. Attendees walk away with at least three new ergo and self-care skills


Demonstrations of core skills, supported by additional coaching and Q & A, to ensure attendees have the skills and confidence to implement at least three new skills.

Make this Lunch and Learn part of your workplace health and wellness plan this year

Meet Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD)​

Dr Kirk built the unique Beyond Ergo program through PhD research at the University of Queensland and in collaboration with major Brisbane-based call centres.

Grounded in research and informed by client feedback and industry trends, Liz has developed a clear focus on developing programs to ensure Beyond Ergo training can help as many people as possible to reduce chronic pain and the risk of acquiring injuries.

“I found the Lunch & Learn extremely interesting and have already applied some of the knowledge/techniques learnt today. As a supervisor, I could see the knowledge gained and then monitoring staff postures and console ergonomics and assisting and guiding staff could potentially minimise risk/injury.

The Supervisors encouraging, promoting and leading by example with simple things like stretching becoming common practices whilst at the console is a very realistic goal. Thanks for the opportunity to attend.”

- Donna | Team Leader at Qld Ambulance

Beyond Ergo is proudly associated with the following peak industry bodies and associations​

Let us introduce you to this extended tier of training, building new ergo and self-care competencies that translates the ergonomic and wellbeing recommendations into personalised actionable work skills.