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Be mindful of how you sit and stand

This short video will reveal some of the common postures that can lead to pain while working with screens. By learning about these postures and how to avoid them, your employees will be able to work more comfortably and effectively from home.

Download our cheat sheet today and take the first step towards increasing comfort, and decreasing pain and the chance of an expensive injury.

What We Do

We help businesses improve productivity and labour costs by decreasing work-related pain and risk of injury claims.  We do this by training the Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) individuals need for modern computer-intensive work. 

Content includes skills to refine generic ergonomic recommendations to match stature and work tools, an extended range of positive work behaviours and targeted physical conditioning exercises that will increase comfort and productivity and decrease pain and the chance of a career-limiting injury.

These are the new multidiscipline programs that go Beyond Ergonomics to build Self-Care Competencies for today’s mobile, computer-intensive and increasingly sedentary workforce.