A great tip for Frontline Leaders

I am often asked – How can I help my team?

We all know high rates of absenteeism are a concern. The reasons vary, but one factor rarely recognised are the levels of discomfort experienced by consultants.

Prof Alan Hedge from Cornell University reports that over 80% of contact centre staff report aches, pains and work-related musculoskeletal discomfort. I know from my research that over 11% of agents report Chronic pain. That is pain that does not go away after rest.

Chronic pain costs the Australian economy over $55 Billion every year and of that, $7 Billion in lost productivity.

So, helping consultant build a skill to reduce discomfort is extremely valuable to the consultant, to team performance and business profitability.
And it’s so easy.

And It’s So Easy

Introduce this idea at your next team meeting. This simple work habit that will decrease mental and physical stress and positively influence absenteeism! 

  • Ask your consultants too – “Whenever taking a sip of a drink, also do 3 big shoulder rolls, take a deep breath, and consciously relax back into the chair with both arms resting evenly on the works surface”.

This simple Roll-Reset-Relax, when done regularly, can decrease upper back pain by 50%.

 To download the Roll Reset Relax poster and notes click here

Why This is Important

  • When we type or swipe, these fine movements use small motor units that stay activated until we do a big movement and consciously relax. Those poor little motor units get very tired, leading to an ache that can gradually become an injury.
  • By doing the Roll-Rest-Relax you release tension and reset back into a relaxed neutral work posture.

Micro-breaks are very important. Over half the clients I talk to about pain points had not realised it was caused by sitting in an awkward sustained work posture.

Notes for Leaders

Don’t forget to model this new wellness work skill and gently remind team members during team meetings.

I would love to know – what wellbeing tips do you share with your team?

 To download the Roll Reset Relax poster and notes click here