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How To Build Self-Care Skills for Screen-Intensive Work

Exclusive training with Dr Liz Kirk (PhD).

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Ergo & Self-Care Workshop

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Specifically designed for working on Laptops, this unique workshop demonstrates how to refine and apply ergonomic recommendations to match participants stature and introduces self-care competencies, including postural mindfulness.

  • Learn how to refine ergo recommendations to match your stature
  • 4 Separate training modules
  • Bespoke illustrations and video demonstrations
  • 4 Instructional PDF’S
  • 30 days unlimited access to all course material
  • Get answers to your questions from the Beyond Ergo team

This workshop is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, combining factual information, diagrams, exercises, videos, advice (or tips), reference links and so much more. It is a comprehensive, ‘must see’ webinar to improve the health of anyone working in front of a computer or laptop

Celine Fournier

Health Research Officer, Murdoch University

I am an experienced content provider who spends the majority of working hours at my computer. I had a back condition and has a lot of pain there as well as in my ribcage. After implementing the Beyond Ergo recommendations, my ribcage pain has gone and my other pain has reduced dramatically.

Helen Hawkes

Freelance Journalist & Content Marketing Writer

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