Combining Office Ergonomics and Wellness to Build New Self-Care Competencies

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Program Introduction

 Decreasing the risk of discomfort and injury takes more than a talk or a quick demo.

By combining the strengths of participative ergonomics, vocational education and training, and behaviour-based safety approaches, the Beyond Ergo training builds your teams injury prevention skills. Skills that need to become everyday work habits, applied at any workstation and with multiple screens.

This program is designed to support your staff in modern, dynamic work environments. Screens are now an integral part of our work and leisure, and staff need to know how to manage risks when hot desking in the office, in a home office working on the run.

Beyond Ergo takes training one step further by ensuring training transfer, encouraging ownership of personal health and safety, and supplying the ongoing support needed for consistent training application and skill development.

These programs focus on the long-term goal of any health and safety training, that is, to build a safety culture that reduces rates of injury and increase productivity. It does this by ensuring every employee has the knowledge and skills to implement appropriate safety solutions to protect themselves and the people around them.


Wellness and Injury Prevention Program Structure

And Create a New and Transferable Culture of Self-Care

How Injury Prevention Training Works to Build New Work Skills
Office Ergonomics Training, managers, solopreneurs & home offices

Program Overview

Beyond Ergo joins forces with your company to make an investment in the long-term health and safety of your staff and your business. This is not a one off, ‘thanks and see you in two years’ kind of program.

Programs are designed around flexible delivery and refinable content to cause the least disruption to work routines.

Training is fun, interactive and highly memorable

 Program stages include

  • Pre-& Post-training surveys
  • Collaborative program refinement process
  • A mentor module for managers and program champions
  • Two group training sessions and a personalised one-on-one session for every trainee
  • Ongoing training support
  • Management outcome and recommendation reports ensuring maximum ROI.

Staff will instantly apply their new skills in the workplace, home office or any location they choose to work!

Training Delivery Summary


Pre-Training Preparation

Data gathering and surveys for program refinement and reporting

Champion Program (120min)

Group training for managers and program champions. This provides the program overview but focuses the new work skills champs need to become in-house training coaches.  This session also refines program content to match the needs of the business and trainees.

Program Introduction – Lunchbox Talk (45min)

This fun, interactive session introduces the importance and stages of this new training. It also provides multiple quick and easy solutions to common issues that cause discomfort.

1st Group Training (45min)

By the end of this session participants will understand the mechanisms that increase the risk of discomfort and injury. The combination of theory and interactive demonstration creates a dynamic learning environment that makes training easy to remember and apply. This session also allows Q&A time.

One-on-One Training (20min)

Through observation and consultation, this session resolves specific issues for each employee. This session also ensures training transfer through guided rehearsal of skills that refine generic ergonomic recommendations to match work tools and personal needs.

2nd Group Training (45min)

This session reinforces the new training knowledge and skills and introduces diagnostic tools that enable staff to find solutions to common discomfort issues. Trainees will also understand the ongoing support provided by the company to development an injury prevention culture and build their personal work habit that help decrease discomfort and the chance of injury whether working in the office, at home, or on the run.

Champion Catch-up (45min)

A casual catch-up over coffee that allows these important stakeholders to review program content and delivery, provide and seek feedback and obtain additional information as required.

Final Training and Review

Reports and recommendations to managers and program champs for team meetings

Program Maintenance

Program Champions are provided with all the tools needed to ensure ongoing revision of key training information and rehearsal of skills. This includes ongoing contact with Beyond Ergo trainers.

Management Reports, with data drawn from physical discomfort surveys and information from in-house HR, these reports provide a snapshot of program outcomes, ROI and recommendations for the future.


Client Feedback 

“Until I undertook the ergonomics training, I didn’t realise that my workstation was set up incorrectly and the bad postures that I had developed over time.  The course has given me good insight on how important it is to have my workstation set up correctly and to be comfortable while sitting for long periods of time.  The simple illustrations are easy to follow and are now beside my workstation to prompt me.  Our employees feel like someone was trying to help them prevent unnecessary physical discomfort.   Additionally, the training will enable me to make the best decision when purchasing equipment that delivers the best valuable ergonomic solution.”

Kathy Winkcup MTA Institute of Technology  Business Manager and Group Accountant

“I found the training and knowledge you provided to be very comprehensive. Little things, such as the monitor height on the desk, which I already thought I knew about, proved to be really interesting and beneficial. I have now changed my monitor height, which has improved my neck position and reduced the strain previously felt in this area”.

Paul Kulpa  MTAQ Brisbane General Manager – Training Operations

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