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Who we are, what we do and what makes us unique

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Who we are

Beyond Ergo builds practical front-line solutions to help contact centres reduce high rates of absenteeism, stress and attrition by coaching frontline leaders in making simple changes that decrease work-related pain, increasing comfort and productivity, and improving operational and labour cost efficiency.

Why we are here

Over 80% of contact centre consultants report work-related musculoskeletal aches and pains, and over 11% suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain costs the Australian economy over $7Bn in lost productivity every year.

Less than 10% of people implement current ergonomic training they have attended into their day-to-day jobs. This poor implementation is not the fault of trainees. It’s the way training has been delivered.

What makes us unique

Beyond Ergo training bridges the gap between providing office 

Small Changes Project

Be Mindful of all the new skills staff need to thrive at work

Does your business provide an integrated health, safety and wellbeing stratagy with practical front-line solutions? 

Small Changes Project

Discover easy no-cost solutions to screen related pain.

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